“Many companies are now moving towards work from home culture. Some of my friends called me to guide them on the implementation of work from home. Hence thought to share some of the points below.”


A few years ago we implemented work from home at one of the companies. To ensure better results and effective culture of work from home had considered points as below.

Some of the points updated as per current technology support such as Zoom.

 As an Employer

 a)   Have a clear-cut policy on reimbursement of various expenses during work from home.

 b)   Ensure strong internet connection available at respective employee’s residence.

 c)    Follow online tools such as Skype, Zoom and communicate with employees through

such tools.

 d)   Avoid app like Whatsapp /WeChat as tools like Skype always have dedicated formal communication groups.

 e)   It also ensures keep a person engaged in work as it shows the status of the online availability of an employee.

 f)     Use video conference tool, Any desk tool, Many such tools are complimentary.

 g)   Ensure critical employees have a good working laptop/computer at the residence of the respective employees.

 h)   If some employees role demand printer then ensure printer in a working condition available at respective employee residence.

 i)      Also necessary stationery such as letterhead, stamp to be available in case employee role demands that.

 j)     Have weekly report culture so that outcome is ensured.

 k)    Have a call in the morning with the team just with the intention to keep employees motivated and giving comfort zone. It can also help to have clarity of the work plan for a day.

 l)      Ensure call at the end of the working hours again to ensure closure of the working day. Such opening and closing calls of the day give a sense of belonging. Such closure calls also push to have a better work-life balance as sometimes dedicated employees continue working for 12-14 hours a day which ultimately results in stress.

 m) Avoid calling employees every now and then during working hours.

 n)   Strictly no phone call after working hours.

 o)   Ensure proper training to employees on work from home culture.

 Organizations can Train the Employee broadly on areas as mentioned below and Employees can take care of the below-mentioned areas

 a)   Time management :

 1)   Ensure you start a day just like if you start work any other day in the office.

 2)   Keep scheduled break time for Lunch, Tea/coffee (Principle 50/10).

 3)   Strictly follow all schedules as if you were to work from the office e.g. For those who cook food even strictly follow the cook preparation schedule during early morning as if you need to carry the meal to the office.

 4)   Strictly avoid screen time which you also avoid in the office ( No movie, No web series, no news channel during working hours)

 One of my client representatives who was a senior professional used to follow the schedule as below, which is shared as an indicative schedule to give an idea. 

The couple was working from home hence they had converted guest room into 2 small offices. Every morning before 9 is they both used to leave the common area and enter into dedicated office room as if they left their home every day for the office.

No alt text provided for this image

They used to strictly meet during break time especially for lunch even though they were in the same home, the room next to each other. Sometimes even during Tea break they never used to disturb each other.

 b)   Attire :

 1)   Strictly ensure you follow the formal dress code ( as you would have followed while working from the office.

 2)   Shoes: Kindly keep 1 pair of shoes to use inside the home. If you wear shoes you can always get feeling as if you are in office and also push you to avoid unplanned rest on sofa or bed.

 3)   Proper Hairstyle is a must even though you have a face to face meeting or not such well-maintained hairstyle always keep you motivated to focus on work.

 c)    Infrastructure / Place of work :

 i)                Work always on table and chair and not on the bed, Sofa.

 ii)              Keep workspace away from Television, a common area where people gather to avoid disturbance.

 iii)             Ensure internet connection with speed and capacity stronger as per work requirement.

 iv)            Proper Mike and Speaker with laptop / Desktop for video conference. You can even use noise cancellation mike, speakers, also mike which get auto-mute options.

 v)              Always strictly keep your phone/mike on mute whenever you are not speaking on a conference call.

 vi)            Background for a video conference to be presentable (Even Virtual background available on some of the app).

 vii)           Space should be peaceful (Avoid the noise of household, Mixer, pressure Cooker etc.).

 viii)          Ensure proper Temperature set to avoid too much low or high temperature.

 ix)            If work demand ensure the printer is available

 x)              Necessary stationery, stamp, letterhead, etc. should be available.

 xi)            Can have alpha music just to keep working mood light.

 xii)           Ensure the door of your room/office cabin need to be closed.

 xiii)          Always be available on the tool (online) like Skype just to keep you alert as well as give confidence to your employer that you are always working and not misusing the facility.

 d)   To Educate family members

 i)                Self :

 1)   Prepare a work plan.

 2)   Submit a Daily work report just to give confidence to the employer even though the employer is not asking.

 ii)              Children:      

 For Children, it’s difficult to understand why parents are at home and still busy, not available. So need to educate them that this arrangement is just to save time and efforts on travel so get more time with them however still remain busy during working hours as if its in office so need to be separated during working hours and not to disturb

 iii)             Spouse and Parents:

 The majority of family members have never experienced work from home culture.

So they subconsciously carry the impression in mind that if the person is at home that means he/she is on holiday.

 Hence it’s critical to educate them also that this is as good as an office for those working hours.

 Maybe some rules can be followed as below

 1)   To contact/speak only during break time.

 2)   Not to expect household work during working hours.

 3)   Even Breakfast, Lunch, Tea/ Coffee break should be in specific scheduled break time.

 4)   During con-call time not to interrupt strictly.

 5)   Avoid the noise of household equipment such as Mixer, Pressure cooker.

 iv)     Guest / Friends / emergency support

 1)   If anyone visits without a plan you can entertain them as a courtesy for few minutes.

 2)   After a few minutes very politely we should communicate this is office time and can indicate meeting time during break / after office hours.

 3)   Of course in case of emergency one can take a necessary steps as if how one would have taken action in case of an emergency during work from the office.

 These are indicative guidelines.

In case you wish to add anything / ask for more information Kindly comment or WhatsApp on 0091 9920917473

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