Management Team

Mrs. Swapnali Vankudre

Founder and CEO

Mrs. Swapnali Vankudre is a passionate Boutique owner of women fashion wear. She is a young entrepreneur. After working for 13 years in corporate, she started to work from home. With her unique sales approach, she demonstrates material to customers with the online tools and delivers to their doorstep. She left her job in corporate for taking care of the child and to live her passion.

For 5 years she is managing her business from home. She also empowers other women, who are housewife, college girls by providing the opportunity as an entrepreneur, as a reseller.


A compassionate leader with more than 22 years of his career dedicated to Human Capital, Dr Suyog associated as a Director for Human Capital, its development and nurture at a one of the leading Fortune 500 companies for the South Asia Region. His success stories range with market leaders in respective industries such as Armstrong World Industries (which is number 1 globally in Interior Ceilings), Tecnimont ICB which is the most preferred employer in Oil and Gas Construction Industry, RSM astute 5th largest global firm and CMIFPE which had the highest demand in Cold rolling mills globally due to unique service guarantee, as various key management positions and with others as a Consultant.  

Based in India, with Global exposure, experiences, and challenges, Dr. Suyog has been at the forefront of creating a value-based human resource function at the organizations he is associated with. During the last two decades when the HR function was a mere payroll, operation one, Dr. Suyog has been successfully able to introduce the concepts of building positive employee experiences, relations and strong connections to take the organizations to the next level of growth and performance.

Dr. Suyog’s work has been in almost all the verticals as diverse and challenging, which has given him an overall edge to become the primary change catalyst and “go-to leader” at all levels in the organization.

His exposure has been with multiple enterprises (American, Chinese, European and Indian) with many industries ranging from ITES (IT, BPO), Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Steel, Construction, Manufacturing, Sales, Gems and Jewelry, Professional Services, EMPI.

During his career span, he involved with an array of strategic challenges such as creating new teams from scratch to creating a positive parting employee experience. He helped organizations to reduce the attrition rate from a range of 40% to 10%-15 %, Increase productivity by 75% and also increase employee engagement level from Index of the ’70s to ’80s. 

He has a keen interest in the employee development and has been an active stakeholder of Learning & Development initiatives in the organization’s he has served until now.

During his career stints, he has always been leading on the Talent Management and business strategies areas to ensure that people’s productivity remains at its peak.

With a Doctorate from West Coast University and an array of international Certifications in Coaching, Dr. Suyog is also a guest and motivational speaker at various events. He has authored several eye-opening articles on human resources, new strategies, and ways to address challenges on talent management in a seamless way through his career experiences. He is currently authoring various books in these areas to share his ideas and strategies.

He has been an active member of various HR and Industry Associations and guides various member organizations.  He has also been on the board of Skill Development for the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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